Hi girls,
Was it fun finding out what is your season?
Do you feel like you don’t belong to any of those categories?
Maybe you feel you could belong to 2 season?
Starting from the premise that armocromia is based on our skin, hair and eye colour (and we are free to change our colours with dyes, coloured lenses or make-up) our basic colours may vary or be altered and we could pass from a sub category to another, but our essential category will stay the same.
The final goal of finding out about our season is to find what colours suit us best, the so called “friendly” colours, and make them our allies, using them to boost our personal image.
We’ll discover them together one by one and you’ll see that shades and tones are way more than you think! So, here are some tips concerning friendly colours for clothing and make up for each category. Winter: YES to brilliant and intense colours as long as they are cold. Red is a great friend and black is perfect.
Spring: maybe the season with the largest selection of colours, it’s the most similar to winter. Yes to briliant colours but also the shades of brown like orange, beige and coral. Yes to gold. Best to avoid black.
Summer: in a summer woman wardrobe grey and pastel colours like pink, lavender and light blue are a must. Raspberry is another shade that suits them well, red and intense bright colours are to be avoided.
Autumn: this category features a wide selection of warm, earthy colours. YES to beige, orange, browns and warm greens. Yes to dark yellow hues.

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