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Here we are again with “Sarenji’s column” by our Sara Rua!

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Now, let’s start with colour analysis or “armocromia”.


This technique is used by image consultants and it is based on the study of natural colours to enhance physical features, such as complexion, eyes, hair and everything that helps defining what colours create a harmony for us.
One of the most common mistakes is thinking dark hair and skin equal warm tones and fair hair and skin mean cold tones. That’s not how it works and we are here to shed some light.

The first step to make is to define whether your natural colours are warm or cold.

Shall we test it?
Let’s find out!

Observe your skin colour.
What does it look like?
(Fair skins)

A. It has ivory/peach shades. I get easily tanned and I turn golden
B. It has porcelain/pink shades. I don’t get easily tanned and I turn red

(Dark skins)
A. It has amber shades. My tan is golden
B. It has olive shades. My tanning has a brick red nuance.

If you don’t sunbathe for a while, how does your skin react?
A. It never gets mily white. It keeps always a yellowish shade.
B. It gets very white or vaguely greyish

If you have freckles, what do they look like?
A. They are golden or red/brown
B. They are brown/grey dots that become darker as soon as I get tanned.

Observe the colour of your lips
A. They are peach or apricot
B. They are purple or in some cases, bordeaux.

What shade is the skin of your ears?
A. Golden/peach
B. Pink/purple and they get easily red (with cold or motion)

What colour are the veins in your inner forearm?
A. They are green
B. They are blue. Sometimes I can see blue veins in my temples

What shade are your eyes?
(For light eyes)

A. Olive green or aquamarine or amber. Often they have golden flecks.
B. Grey/green or ice-blue. Sometimes with white flecks.

(For dark eyes)
A. Warm chestnut (sometimes with green shades)
B. Chocolate. Very intense, contrasts with the white sclera.

What is your natural hair colour?
(For fair hair)
A. Hay blond or golden blond, copper blond or natural red.
B. Da piccola ero chiarissima, quasi platino. Ash blond. When I was a child I was even lighter, almost platinum blond.

(For dark hair)
A. Dark chestnut but not ink black, golden or copper brown.
B. Cold, dark brown or dark brown, almost black.

If you dye your hair, what happens to your hair when it starts washing away?
A. It get lighter, but it doens’t get purple highlights.
B. It gets “red” highlights and they won’t go away: in natural light it looks almost mahogany.

If your answers are mostly A, you have warm, solar tones.
If your answers are mostly B, you have cold, lunar tones.

Now take a look at these images. I’ll see you soon with a new article!

Com carinho
“Sarenji’s column ” by Sara Rua



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