Hi girls, here we are again!

This Sunday we’ll focus on the last season of armocromia: autumn. This season can be easily mistaken for winter, but here the difference lies in the warm undertone.

How so? Colours may vary but the warm undertone remains as a constant and you will notice you always look tanned even if your complexion is fair. Autumn girls never have a milky, white skin, not even in winter. Hair colour may range from dark blond to copper red to a dark chestnut but never black. Eyes can be hazel, amber, brown or green.

Warm, earthy colours are your allies. Brown, beige, camel, orange and wood green. Avoid gold and silver.


Here are the sub-categories:



You tan a lot and never get sunburnt. You are similar to “deep winter” girls fro hair, eyes and skin but your undertone is warm. Your skin remains a shade of amber all year round. Your friendly colours are brown, green and red. Blue and black smother you, so do not dye your hair any darker shade. “Deep autumn” girls may snatch some colours from the “deep winter” palette, like green and cherry.



Yours is the brightest group in the entire season. You are similar to “warm spring”, so your hair may be chestnut, copper or natural red, eyes are green or brown, but for you “warm autumn” girls colour are deeper and less bright. Another chracteristic? Freckles. Not only on your face but on your entire body. Your must-have colours are camel and beige and apricot during the summer. It’s best to avoid black and grey.



This sub-group has the lowest intensity and it’s quite rare as skin is really light (reminds a little of the colour of champagne), eyes range from light brown to olive green with gold specks and hair can be dark blond or chestnut. It’s a bit difficult to establish what your friendly colours may be as you can’t take from the other seasons’ palettes, but no worries! For sure you can go for mustard yellow and terracotta ( a brownish orange). Yes to warm and dusty colours like terra di Siena, tobacco and a lot of green shades like olive and military.


Besides the three sub-groups there’s the pure autumn, with a medium-low intensity of contrast between skin, eyes and hair. You can choose from a wide selection of colours like, beige, erathy shades and red shades. Yes to camel and dark brown, wood green and terracotta. Also, ivory suits you better then optical white. A lot of choice! Friendly reminder: avoid black and grey. A must-have for your closet? The ever green beige trench or a camel coat. Accessories are best in gold and bronze or in leather colour!



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