Hello everyone, today we talk about spring!💐

Spring girls have a warm undertone that you can recognise at once because it’s luminous. Warm and bright colours belong to this category.

Spring girls’ hair may be blond, light brown and ginger, eyes are bright, blue or green and skin is glowing and fair, always with a pink tone and they get easily tanned, turning a healthy golden shade. During the winter their complexion never gets dull.

Gold, coral and turquoise suit these girls best. Black is an enemy for these girls.

Let’s take a look at the sub-groups of spring

Light spring

Natural blondes with green or blue eyes and fair skin that tans easily belong to this sub-group.

The perfect colours for these girls are apricot, light green, turquoise, coral and yellow; some lighter colours and certain shades of pastel colours are ok, too. Cyclamen pink is a good colour, too, provided it’s not too dull.

Avoid dark, intense colours and black, too, as it has an aging effect on this group.

Warm spring
Girls of this sub-group have a very warm complexion, natural red hair and light and bright eyes and skin. This category nears warm autumn so they can use their colours durint the winter, such as beige, camel and bronze. Winning colours for them are hot and intense like fire red, orange, bright green, yellow and bright turquoise.

Avoid greys and silver, as they smother the light of the freckles these girls usually have.

Clear bright spring

Clear bright spring is a rather rare season. Similar to bright winter but the difference lies in the skin undertone, which is warm in this case. Its distinguishing feature is the high contrast between dark hair and light, bright eyes.

In this case, too, bright and warm colours are the friendly ones, think about a bouquet of fresh flowers. Radiant reds, organge, lobster red, purple, lime green and cobal blue.

Of all the spring girls, clear bright’s are those who wear black better, but it’s still better to be cautios with it and definitely to avoid soft, pastel colour because they are too cold.


Spring girls have a great, enviable colour palette💐. Flower fantasies and colour blocking are a must have.


Warm nude sandals and bags with golden or rose gold details, or contrasting colours for a mix and match. Tortoise shell glasses are the best for these girls. Bronze make up is advised to highlight eyes, as they are the strong feature of these girls.

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