Here we are girls. Have you found out what your season is?
Do you think you belong to a specific season? Or you are not sure yet? As I said before, armocromia doesn’t stop at just 4 season, each of them is divided in 3 sub-groups.
What’s this about?

These are categories that may help us with defining our cromatic season. If you have features of two different seasons, this study will help defining which season+sub-group you belong to and your friendly colours.

Armocromia is very personal, as it analyses undertones,  natural colour and contrasts of each of us and it may take some time to analyse all the variables.

Here are the sub-groups of each season:

Spring : light / warm / bright

Summer : light / cool / soft

Autumn : deep / warm / soft

Winter : deep / cool / bright

Also, there are “pure season” people, who present all the various features of each season.

That makes 16 groups! But don’t worry, we’ll analyse them gradually, starting from winter.

See you soon with the next article!

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