Hello girls !

As we all know, colors have the ability to convey emotions to our subconscious… And by wearing them we also convey a non verbal message about who we are and what we want to say about us in that moment.

Let’s analyze the meaning of the colors we wear. This week we focus on the beloved black.


Beautiful and elegant, this color conveys trust and self-confidence. It means power, formality, class and authority but it represents also darkness and mystery. Black is actually not exactly a color, it could be described as the absence of color or a “non-color”. It has a complex emotional meaning because on one hand it means protection and security, on the other hand it could be seen as a refuge, a shelter. Choosing not choose may mean fear, uncertainty, so choosing black instead of colors that may say something about us means we prefer hiding. It’s a comfort zone color.

According to the color theory black is a friendly color that can suit any winter girl like Anne Hathaway, as you can see in the left picture it doesn’t weight her down and it doesn’t harden her feature. On the right, there’s Olivia Palermo, belonging to the autumn season, and on her black has a hardening effect, so it’s better to avoid it.

What if our category is not winter and still we can’t go without black?

TIP: Avoid a total black, match it with a friendly color instead and avoid using it in make up and in accessories that are close to the face.

You will come to realize that black is useful but not essential, if you don’t belong to the winter group! 🙂

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