Hello girls!
We’ve learnt all about our friendly colors and what do they tell, now it’s time to find out when and how to wear them to make the most out of them!

This week we’re going to focus on ” what to wear on a rainy day” to better fit in the mood of the season. So, grab your umbrellas! 

Yes, my darlings, let’s start from the color for the umbrella! Who would have said that this accessory could be an ally in giving a boost to our look? That’s because it stays close to our face and it reflects light on our skin, so it’s better to make the most out of this!

Choose one in the TOP color of your season! For example:

  • WINTER: white or transparent, with some black detail;
  • SPRING: multicolor is the way!
  • SUMMER: all shades of pastel colors are fine;
  • AUTUMN: bright orange, won’t go unnoticed! Or a square pattern on warm shades, for a basic look.

Another must of the rainy season is a trench or a parka!
Classic and always trendy, very cool in houndstooth patterns or cold red for WINTER girls, SPRING girls can go for all brilliant fabrics and patterns, while sage parkas are perfect for SUMMER and the classic shades of beige trenches are made for AUTUMN!

IMPORTANT! Like we said, try to use your friendly color in whatever goes close to your face and leave the others for trousers or shoes (or boots, for a rainy day 😜).

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