Hi girls,
welcome back to our Monday’s appointment with armocromia!
This week we’ll discuss something we wear on our head…. hats!

As we said in Friday’s tips, there are countless models to choose from and today we’ll find out what color to choose according to your season!

As they are worn near the face, hats must be chosen in colors that enhance your natural traits and, possibly, that suit your eyes, hair and complexion.

Like every week, we’ll help out with a list of perfect colors for each season:

WINTER: exploit all the shades of blue, refined and elegant.
SPRING: choose a bright color, like emerald green!
SUMMER: yes to all shades of grey, with some pastel details.
AUTUMN: a camel hat will suit you perfectly!

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a hat is the shape of your face. This and the color tips will help you choose and your charme will leave everyone speechless!


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