Hi Girls!
Welcome back to our weekly appointment with armocromia!

This week we’ll focus on a very famous occurrence, one that is awaited all over the world: the Black Friday! It takes place every year on the last Friday of November (this week, then). It’s a deay of huge sales, and since we all shop online, why don’t we use armocromia as a guide for our next purchases?

Here are some tips to consider during your shopping:

  • Once you found out your colour season, it’s surely helpful to keep your palette of friendly colors close to you (in a digital or paper versione). As you search online, it will be much easier to avoid the wrong colors and focus on the friendly ones with your palette at hand. It’s also very useful to use the filters for colors and sizes, thus restricting your range of selection.

  • It’s always better to read the reviews of the item you want to purchase, to evaluate its quality and to see the pictures of previous customers to check the actual colors (pictures are not always faithful to reality). If you buy on websites like Shein or Zalando, you can also see their suggestions for an outfit: find out if the look suits your palette and how it turns out with other colors, how friendly and saturated it is.

  • First shopping cart should be for items that “stole your heart”, then make a well pondered second choice, to avoid compulsive purchases “I love Shopping” style.

Armocromia is a great guide for your Black Friday shopping: it will help you to avoid buying useless clothes that will end up at the bottom of your drawers and to keep a tidy and functional wardrobe

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