Hi Girls!
After talking about the center of gravity, let’s tackle the topic of height.
Must people be tall to be beautiful?

Let’s say that up until the 80s, height wasn’t an essential trait: many women became Beauty Icons without measuring much more than 170cm. Marilyn Monroe is an example.

This standard changed with the popularity of the TOP MODEL figure, during the 90s.
It wasn’t enough to have a beautiful face and an harmonious body to become a model.
Nowadays, however, thanks also to social media, the beauty standards are changing again. As a matter of fact, many influencers are not tall.

 In any case, it’s important to distinguish small, minute people from short ones. Small girls usually are not taller than 160cm, their bones are think and their body is well proportionate. Often they have a high center of balance.
Are you small girls? Here are some tips:

  • choose outfits with vertical lines and chromatically uniform;

  • avoid long jackets and coats;

  • yes to pencil skirts;
  • avoid oversize dresses, the risk is to literally “disappear” into them!

Short people don’t have minute bones and they have the low center of gravity that makes their figure look “shorter”. In this case, it’s useful to follow the tips listed in the article for the low center of gravity.

Next week? Focus on super tall girls!

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