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Hello girls and welcome back to our weekly appointment with the world of lingerie. Today I want to talk to you about a very special topic: silk lingerie and in particular, how to take care of it.

If you own any garments made of this material, you will know that nothing compares to the experience of wearing silk. This beautiful, soft, lustrous fiber has long been associated with luxury, and it is breathable, refreshing, and heat-insulating.

However, it’s also a delicate fabric that requires some care in order to stay beautiful and last – in fact, there are some extra considerations to make sure this beautiful fiber can be worn for as long as possible. Let’s see them!

Although many silk garment labels state “dry clean only,” you can also wash silk lingerie at home! If there are no stains or marks, hand washing is always the best option. However, there are two major exceptions to this rule.

The first is for corsets, which should never be soaked in water unless specifically recommended on the label. The second is for garments with two very different shades of silk (for example, a black robe with white silk trim) because the color may bleed.

Silk corsets, on the other hand, require specialized cleaning because they can’t be soaked in water and are often too delicate to withstand the spin cycle program. Also make sure the dry cleaner has the proper tools and knowledge to clean your corset without damaging it.

If, on the other hand, the damage is done and your silk lingerie has become stained, it’s usually best to take the garment to a dry cleaner as soon as you discover the deed. Usually, the longer the stain stays on the garment, the harder it is to wash it and get a good result.

In general, it is not recommended to wash silk in the washing machine, especially if your lingerie is particularly precious or delicate. If hand washing really isn’t an option, better to at least make sure you separate your garments by color and put them in a laundry bag. Also use a detergent formulated specifically for silk and choose a washing machine program that is as gentle as possible. Low temperatures and no spin cycle. Also, crucially, separate colors well; silk is a natural fiber and there is a high risk that colors will bleed, particularly with darker shades and red.

If you decide to wash your silk lingerie by hand, fill a basin with cold water and add detergent. Add your lingerie, gently moving the water to create a lather.

Be careful not to scrub too hard, as this can strain and damage the fibers. If you have a particularly delicate garment to wash, it’s best to let it soak. Any dirt or residue that is left on the garment after soaking, you can gently scrub it off with a very soft bristled toothbrush. Rinse the garments until the water is free of suds.

Drying silk lingerie is a very delicate step, almost as delicate as washing it. Do not wring out the silk: this can cause permanent damage to the fabric’s texture. If a garment is very wet, you can gently dab the garment between two towels to remove excess moisture.
Ideally garments should be left to dry flat, ideally on a towel. be careful to gently reshape garments before drying them, especially if they are structured pieces such as padded bras.

Silk lingerie should be stored in dedicated spaces to avoid damage. For larger pieces of loungewear, padded hangers can help prevent the silk from creasing on the shoulders. Smaller pieces, such as bras and panties, can be kept in boxes or drawers. Avoid folding or crushing padded bras to prevent the cups from warping.

Well mes filles, here we are at the end of this article. I hope I’ve cleared up all the steps on how to wash and store silk lingerie for a long time.

This will be our last installment of Lingerie Diaries, but never fear. The column will change, leaving the post to new topics and themes that are very close to our hearts! But you guys keep collecting your lingerie items and feeling beautiful and confident; au revoir!