Good morning girls!

Armocromia, as we know, studies what colours are best suited to enhance our natural colours… but what if our natural colours were also linked to our genes and ethnic group?

No panic, armocromia doesn’t leave anything out, it’s a perfectly inclusive study😊

Our complexion can have thousands of shades related to our genetics, but only two undertones: warm or cold.

Of course, winter girls are more likely to be found in the Mediterranean area and summer girls in the Northern countries, as well as autumn girls in South America and spring ones in California.

But the world and people do not boil down to 4 seasons and 4 zones. Our skin has infinite shades and it’s just fascinating how many combinations there may be with our natural colours. A skilled image consultant, I assure you, is able to identify the right season and undertone regardless of the overtone.

It doesn’t matter if your skin is light or dark, its tone and undertone will help us define you friendly colours’ palette.

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