Hello girls,

this week we’ll focus on the third of the secondary colors: VIOLET!

Violet is obtained mixing two primary colors: blue and red. It is surely one the quintessential cold color (due to the high amount of blue it contains). 

Violet is linked to spirituality and mysticism. In the past it was considered a valuable, refined color, as it was difficult to obtain, and for this reason it was a prerogative of rich and noble folk.
If on one hand it represents prosperity, on the other it is considered a funereal color, an ill omen.
 It is a very strong color, but one with several shades.

Who looks good in violet? Surely all girls with a cold undertone: in a more intense and dark shade (like amethyst) for WINTER girls and in a pastel, soft version (like lilac) for SUMMER.

Violet is very trendy right now, especially in its wisteria shades, combined with other pastel colors.
It’s a color to wear with no hesitation, especially during cooler seasons!

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