Hi girls!

Today we’re going to talk about the second of primary colors: blue.

Practical color, more discreet than red, easier to combine and available in all possible shades. It symbolizes balance, peace and tranquillity. It is usually a cold color but color theory teaches that there are some warm shades of blue, so it is possible to use it for both cold and warm seasons. As it has a calming effect, it is often used in work environments.

A beloved color for both sexes but especially by men. Despite having warmer shades, it is essentially a cold color, so it suits cold seasons quite well: summer and winter. Absolute and bright winter include several shades of blue: electric, intense and lively. Deep winter and soft deep winter can rely on countless shades of blue. It is one of the main colors in their palette. Summer blues are instead less strong, more light but still their shades are velvety and elegant.

The only season that doesn’t feature any shade of blue is autumn, which anyway includes green. This year’s color according to Pantone is Classic Blue, so this is the best moment to start wearing this quiet color!

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