Hello girls, here we are again!

This Sunday we are going to learn how to distinguish between warm colors and cold colors.
Several studies reveal that colors have the power to influence our moods, to a certain extent at least, causing our emotions to stir according to the nuance. It is therefore useful to understand what sensation each color may convey to better understand their influence on our mood.
Let’s find out…
What are the warm colors?
Warm colors are the ones containing a high amount of yellow, they are associated sunlight and are the so called “solar colors”. These include a huge amount of nuances: from red to yellow in all their shades like orange and coral, but not only! Warm colors include all the colors of nature like olive green, forest and grass. More neutral shades in this category are beiges, browns and gold.
Warm colors inspire joy, strength, power, passion. They are “solar” because they remind its color but also because they convey courage.
And what are the cold ones?
Cold colors elicit the opposite kind of emotions, not necessarily negative but surely mellower ones. Blue, light blue, violet, pink and green, they recall the moon and the cold sensation of snow and ice and the freshness of the sea and the sky. There are, among these colors, certain shades of cold browns that contain an extremely low percentage of red and the cold version of the color red, such as raspberry, strawberry and black cherry.
Tendono a calmare l’ansia e l’agitazione. Cold colors convey a sense of peace and quiet.
The rule for warm seasons (spring and autumn) is to choose solar colors while opting for lunar ones during the colder seasons (winter and summer).

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