Hello girls, 

Here we are again with our colour column, which from now on will be out every Monday!

Today we are going to talk about trendy colours and friendly colours.

When fashion and design select the “colour of the year” the doubt is always legit: what if the must have colour of the season is not one in our friendly palette?

As we know, every year there are new super trendy items and colours. At first we are all excited and enthusiastic because of the novelty and we think everything will look great because it’s trendy.

But here is where armocromia comes in aid: as a study of colours, it can help us understand if a certain colour is right for us or if it’s better to leave it be, even if it’s so fashionable.

Don’t be discouraged! Often trendy colours can be matched with one of our friendly colours, thus working around the problem.

 TIP: Choose a friendly colour for your tops, as they are closer to you face. You can use the trendy colour for the bottom item.

This will help you combine trendy and friendly colours.

PS. Colours that don’t belong to your palette are good for accessories, as they are usually distant from your face (like bags and shoes).

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