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Rezek Studio is the Los Angeles-based brand founded by Ariel Rezek that designs and creates capsule collections in silk, with a vintage 1970s vibe and bold, vitamin colors.

Despite the difficulties that arose during the pandemic, Rezek was able to rise from the ashes during the spring of 2021 with the launch of its iconic Hustle Pant – pants with a modern twist that reimagine the classic disco hot pant from the 1970s.

The inspiration behind the brand comes from the designer’s passion for vintage style; not finding clothes that satisfied her 100%, Rezek starts designing clothes for herself inspired by vintage pieces but with a contemporary fit. The success is immediate and crazy: people see her clothes and want them, but it will take a few years before Rezek finds the courage to jump in and launch her own brand, inspired by the fabulous years of disco music.

A little bit Saturday night fever, a little bit Vogue cover, Rezek immediately catches the eye not only for the Seventies mood, but also for the colors: Barbie pink, phosphorescent yellow, sky blue. The silk garments of Rezek seem to come out of a package of candy, a cartoon, or a box of markers and give an extra gear to the silhouettes, which fall softly hugging the body and enhancing it in all the right places, a hymn to the carefree all-female – which at times reminds a 90s girl band.

The must-have piece? The silk shirt with feathers on the sleeves to be taken in all colors and worn strictly knotted at the waist.

by Maria Bellotto
20th April, 2022