Hello girls!

In the past weeks we saw how all colors have the power to communicate emotions: this knowledge is essential before we move on with our study of armocromia.

Armocromia is useful not only to enhance our image, but it comes at hand in several other situations.

Which ones? For a start, we can choose among the colors of our palette to furnish out house or the space the surrounds us (even for wallpaper).

For example, armocromia can be useful when you need to find a frame for a picture. Consider the temperature of the picture and choose a frame that matches the image’s undertone.

In our Instagram page, we can modify the colors of our feed to make it match the undertone we choose.

Last year the color with more mentions in hashtags was #black, the second was #pink followd bye #blue (especially during the summer).


This use of armocromia in socials may seem silly but nowadays our Instagram profile is considered a bit like a CV and in some companies recruiters may check the candidates social profilesWhy not using the power of colors to tell something about ourselves? There are many apps that help find out the main color of our profile, so we can understand what we communicate through pictures and colors.

To conclude, once you discover the secrets of armocromia, it will be easier to guess what colors will follow us for life.