Here we are again in Rome, the Eternal City. Welcome back!

For this week I chose a place in the city historical centre, in a neighbourhood that I love, between Piazza Navona and Ponte Sant’Angelo: Via del Governo Vecchio.

With us this time there’s Cristina, the owner, and her staff at Arsenico 36.

Here we are, discovering a rare gem of the area, a refined place that sells interesting products, the result of the care and passion Cristina has been dedicating to her job for 17 years.

To help me choosing the outfits there is also Gianluca, a very determined boy with a strong passion for theatre and for his job, too.

The shop is open all week from 10:30 to 19:30, except for Sundays when the opening is at 11:00.

You can find everything here: from an elegant outfit to an outfit for the office or an evening out with friends, trousers, shoes and… BARBIES!!! They are Cristina’s passion, she collects them and displays them in shop with custom made clothes. You just can’t miss this!

I was so enthusiastic that I picked a lot of outfits and I’ll show you a taste right now: these trousers are INSANE! I didn’t want to take them off!

This is just the beginning… You can expect great things from this shop!

Are you curious now?

Just try, there’s sales right now that will make you want to buy something!

Via del Governo Vecchio 5,6,7, Preview June 2017

Trousers, Gold Case 230€

T-Shirt, La Fée Maraboutée 140€

Shoes,Arsenico 36 169€



Shop: Arsenico 36 Location: Roma,Via del Governo Vecchio 5,6,7.

Link: Arsenico 36



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