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Welcome to Dubai Polly’s Fitting Room!

Girls, let me introduce myself: I’m Elisa, a fashion designer, art director, illustrator of my independent streetwear brand “La Come Di” and techno music DJ, but part time only, just so I never get bored!

I’m thrilled to be part of this team of shop bloggers and personal shoppers and to be ambassador and guide for your shopping in the Middle East.

The luxurious Dubai is our exclusive location. I’ve lived here for 6 years, I moved with my husband for professional reasons.

Dubai is generally known as a sort of artificial paradise: wild luxury, skyscrapers, fake islands in the sea… Well, forget about these things. This week I’ll take you to a Dubai that smells of Lebanese and French handicraft and has room for a more refined market.

O’de rose in Wasl Road, an area that is far away from the popular malls of Dubai, is a concept store that for 10 years has been managed with love by the Lebanese owner Nadine.

 The name of the shop is reminiscent of the word “rose water”, “Eau de rose” in French. Roses and rose water are very important in the Middle East culture.

The most charming part of the shop is the small room named “mosque”. The golden hands with half-moons and neon figures on the walls create an emotional, almost sacred atmosphere.

O’ de Rose was one of the first independent concept stores in Dubai, it doesn’t just sell fashion but lifestyle objects, too, such as furniture and jewels from the Arabian countries.
A style that is both traditional and modern.

Nadine only selects handcrafted and handmade pieces and the designers she features in her shop are extremely creative. To name a few: Sarah’s Bags, Purple Wolf, Bois de Lune, LaBulle and Fatma al Mulla.

Here the style is fashionable, colourful, with high quality prints and unique materials.

These objects are impossible to find anywhere else but here.

And here are the 3 looks! Follow us on our socials to find out more!

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Shop: O’de rose

Location: 999 Al Wasl Rd – Dubai – Emirati Arabi Uniti

Link: O’ de rose


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