Lola Love Atelier: eccentric and unique Atelier in Modena…

Hello girls!
For the first time in Polly’s history we are in Modena and we want to introduce our new blogger and personal shopper: Yasmin, who today will tell us about “Lola Love Atelier”.
The first time that I heard the name “Lola Love Atelier” I saw in my mind images of a Spanish soap opera with castanets, red flamenco dresses and a Consuelo as shop assistant!
It’s not like that. Lola (the owner) is a globe trotter with a sparkling personality and she is 100% Italian, from Modena.
Lola is an eccentric designer who, after much experience in the fashion sector, decided to open her own Atelier in 2016, in Rua Freda 8, a central neighbourhood of Modena, full of restaurants and nice places to have a drink after the shopping.
Lola Atelier is a place full of well designed ideas, carefully crafted by Lola and her mother.
The opening of the atelier is the fulfillment of a precise and clear project: to build an exclusive fashion universe, distant from the rules of the market, only dedicated to the research of beauty, offering Made in Italy items with a perfect finish.
Every item is designed, studied and created by hand. What’s more valuable today than originality and time?
In this place, where time and creativity are still important and respected values, you can find unique pieces or items in a limited amount.
Geometric cuts, colourful fabrics and tailored pieces, custom made, are the core business of this amazing store that is so very unusual.
 You can come to the Atelier to create a dress for your special occasion, your personal design or the dress of your dreams!
Prices are medium high, they vary according to the requests and the complexity of the item. Go check them yourself!

For further information you can follow Lola on her social channels: Lola Love Atelier

So, are you goin to pay a visit? Meanwhile…Enjoy the looks!
Shop: Lola Lola
Location: Via Rua Freda 8, Modena

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