KOKORO ROMA viale ippocrate 146. Girls, are you ready for shopping?


Good morning girls,

Today we are in Rome and we’ll introduce you Kokoro.

The shop Kokoro opened in 2001 in the heart of the university neighbourhood and has soon become a favourite among the young students.

The place is welcoming, intimate and comfortable, thanks also to the care and professionality of its staff, always helpful and attentive.

Kokoro is a japanese word that means “mind”, “spirit”, “feeling”, “emotions”, “thought” but also “the heart of things” and in my opinion is a very sweet name.

The shop soon conquers women of all ages thanks to its taste and the variety and eclecticism of the choices of young David, its founder.

Kokoro has a great variety of choice as a multibrand store, some brands are petite ètoile, art love, y’coo’, unique accessories and constant new arrivals. They are always in search for new brands and little gems from all over the world and is this is always great value for money.

Kokoro is a institution in Viale Ipprocrate.

Last year David was joined by his business partner Francesca who has a great experience in fashion and retail.

Together they manage the project Kokoro Ippocrate, trying to experiment and constantly renewing without losing the spirit of the shop, that comes of age next year!







Shop: Kokoro

Location: Viale Ippocrate 146, Roma

Link: Kokoro

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