Futura futura girls, the concept of the future! Shop & bar in Milano.

Hi girls,

This week we’ve been to Futura shop in Milan, the concept of the future!

Futura Futura is a very young store, opened in June 2018, in Via A. Sforza 63, Navigli area.

The founding partners are three friends, Federica Coppola, Alessandro Rossi and Alice Gabriele.

Federica and Alessandro have known each other for many years, since their IED days in 2001, when they studied photography together, then they took different roads: Federica opened a vintage shop in Via Vigevano while Alessandro managed a pub and produced musical events.

It was the union of different paths that lead to Futura shop bar, which, as the name suggests, is not a classic apparel store but it’s not a classic bar, either. It’s an innovative concept, perfect for a refined shopping, for good music and have a drink with friends.

The main style is Urban, for a refined shopping for both men and women.

Every item is personally selected by Federica, who often goes to Paris to research and select brands that reflect the urban and alternative chic style of the store.

To add to the selection, vintage items from the 80s and 90s.

A suggestion: if you are looking for a unique and unmistakable style, you are in the right place!

The store is open every day, a quiet place with good . music.

They often organize themed fashion events, like “Fila event” or “Versace event”.

As far as the bar is concerned, they organize DJ sets with hip-hop and electronic music, to stay in the urban mood of the location.

Futura is good for early evenings, too. They have a happy hour every two weeks.

On the 16th of November they will host a photo exhibition with screenings and DJs.

The goal is to have fun together, listening to good music and do some original shopping!

 What are you waiting for? Futura Futura is there for you…

Enjoy gli outfit we chose for you!






SHOP: Futura Milano

LOCATION: Via A. Sforza 63, Milano

Link: Futura Futura Milano

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