Hey Vintage lovers!

This week I want to talk about a real piece of antiquity…

Straight outta 80s and 90s… here come the Jelly Shoes !!

Transparent, with a side buckle, perfect to walk on rocks and scorching sand, they’ve ruled on the beaches all around the world in the 80s.

Produced by many brands and in countless variety, Jelly Shoes owe their popularity to their comfort and absolutely affordable price. During the 90s several stylists used them in their collections but they were slowly outmoded by flip-flops. It looks like these shoes are ready to come back in the spotlight, though, in a new and revised version, ready to appeal to new fashionistas and vintage lovers.

@alexachung @alexachungstagram / Alexa Chung

Part of the credit for this comeback goes to the English stylist and model Alexa Chung, who launched these legendary PVC sandals in her 2019 Spring/Summer collection JuJu. Her capsule collection of rubber shoes with sparkling buckle and high heels, designed in collaboration with the original creator of the Jelly Shoes has sold incredibly well, turning them in a urban accessory.


Looking around the catwalks, we can’t but notice that PVC boots and transparent sandals will be a must have. Armani matched transparent boots to tailor made suits

@armani / BUY THEM HERE

Chanel turns the classic beach flat sandal in a cool piece


Balmain creates completely transparent plastic ankle boots.

@balmain / BUY THEM HERE

Marc Jacobs has given way to rubber with transparent wedges.

@marcjacobs / BUY THEM HERE

Colorful, glittery, with appliques, high heels or wedges… there are infinite varieties of Jelly Shoes.

Cool to match with any outfit not only on the beach but in the city, too.


A warm hug,

Silvia Albanese

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