Hi girls! Welcome back to PFR!
Here we are, just like every Monday, to talk about how armocromia can help us choose what to wear in any occasion!
What do you wear when it’s really cold outside? A scarf, right? And that’s what we’re going to focus on this week.

Surely the scarf is an accessory that is made to shield us from the cold but not only that! It can be a great ally!
As we wear it around our neck, its place is very close to all the element that identify our season: complexion, eyes and hair. For this reason, it’s important to choose wisely, according to the rules of armocromia.

 One of the main tips is to choose a scarf of the same color of your eyes. If you know your season you can also choose one in the right shade, according to your undertone.

As usual, here’s the TOP color for each season: 

WINTER: nothing can be more elegant than a cold red scarf;
SPRING: a nice aquamarine scarf will suit people with light eyes, but a brighter color like orange is great, too;
SUMMER: a soft, grey scarf will never look dull on you;
AUTUMN: have fun with all shades of coffee and cappuccino!

Keep in mind the rule of they eye color while choosing a scarf, it’s a useful tip for when you are choosing a present, too!

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