Hello Girls and welcome to our weekly appointment with Armocromia!

As we very well know now, Armocromia is our N.1 ally in choosing what to wear.

This week we talk about underwear!

Who says lingerie is not important? Just because people can’t see it, it doesn’t mean you’ve got neglect it. It’s indeed quite important as outfit because it is in direct contact with out skin and it’s important to choose wisely according to our undertone.

Rules are less strict when it concerns lingerie, so you can play with colors! The only real guideline is to choose cold colors for cold undertones and warm colors for warm undertones. 

Anyway, it’s advisable to have at least one set of lingerie that is in your friendly color, to wear when it’s important to feel self-confident. 

WINTER: black or blue; SPRING: turquoise with bright fabrics; SUMMER: all shades of lilac and violet! AUTUMN: go for wood-green, is super sexy!

Girls, never underestimate the power of good lingerie! It is timeless and always trendy!

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