Hello Girls!
Welcome back to our weekly column to find out what colors to wear in any occasion!
This week we’re going to learn to choose the best shade of… nail polish!

Hands are our key to introductions, they never go unnoticed! It’s important to keep them tidy and well groomed, so why not using the rules of armocromia to enhance them? You can experiment with all color and then you can decide what is the best for you.

Here some guide lines for each seasons:

WINTER: choose all shades of berries, playing with nuances
SPRING: don’t miss the chance to use the brightest colors, like the rainbow ones (including purple and violet)
SUMMER: yes to all nude shades and powder pink, you can also add a touch of glitter and silver!
AUTUMN: warm colors like chocolate and rust brown will suit you best

Choosing the right nail polish helps to enhance our beauty and adds a refined touch to our looks!

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