Hi girls!
Here we are su PFR to discover all the secrets of armocromia!

This week we’re talking about earrings. A marvellous piece of accessory that tops any outfit off with style and personality. It would a great pity to wear them without a precise strategy, that is, following the rules of our color palette!

Earrings, be them small or large, must be in harmony with our face and with our undertone. The main rule is very simple: gold for warm undertones and silver for cold undertones.

What about earrings with stones? What do we choose? Here’s a list of the top colors for each season:

WINTER: silver and white gold are your allies. As far as stones are concerned, choose a nice intense blue, like sapphire blue, or a cold red, like ruby red.

SPRING: yes to gold and rose gold earrings! For stones, choose turquoise and green stones instead, or a nice bold quartz!

SUMMER: silver suits your undertone well, and why not match pearls with your delicate complexion? So chic!

AUTUMN: go wild with yellow gold, bronze and the warmest rose gold. On your skin stones like topaz, amber, coral and olive quartz will stand out in the best way.

Let your fantasy run free, earrings will boost your style to the maximum!

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