Dress you can_The first showroom in Milan where you can rent the dress of your dreams!

Good morning girls!

Brace yourself, this week we have a super new entry in Polly’s Fitting Room!

It’s not an ordinary shop, it’s a dream place for all women!

This is a place where you come, you get excited, choose, rent and then you bring back! The question is: what do you rent? Clothes and accessories for your special occasion!

This is Dress You Can, the first showroom in Milan where you can rent you dream dress!

 Dress You Can started in 2016 from an idea by Caterina Maestro. Back from a trip to Marrakech where she and her friends had some crazy shopping during a rainy day, they came up with the idea of sharing their wardrobes.

At Dress You Can you can book online, go to the showroom and choose the best item for your special occasion: cocktail party, daytime, wedding and gala.

The selection is very large: a whole room and an inner backstage, packed with clothes and accessories by big brands and new designers.

The designers’ list is really long, I suggest you take a look at their website: Dress You Can, Designers.

Are you wondering how does it work?

Here it is:

1. Make an appointment, or call in shop

2. Choose the item and the accessories you love

3. Rent them

4. Use them

5. Take them back

 Renting is for max 4 days and the price varies from 44€ to 144€ (tailoring and laundry included)

Isn’t is just fantastic?

Dress You Can is waiting for you in Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 1, on the corner with c.so di Porta Ticinese, open every day except Sundays!

Here are the looks chosen by PFR for you!




Store: Dress You Can

Location: Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 1, ang. c.so di Porta Ticinese, Milano

Link: Dress You Can

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