Check Coat at Docksmart. Look N3 January 2017.

Weee! Here we have a nice checked coat, with a mix of navy blue, light orange and beige.

Warning! Never match this pattern to other patterns. Either we go for all over suits (skirt and jacket, trousers and jacket, dress and coat) or we match it with solid colours.

Now, in this outfit I’m not wearing trousers or a skirt just because I want to highlight these boots, that are very comfy and really beautiful. Believe me: if I say so, it’s true.

I wear heels every two weeks, more or less. I love feeling comfortable and heels just destroy my feet. Have you ever gone dancing, all in a hype, ready to rock the world and then ended up two hours later sitting on a chair in a corner? Heels are to blame.

Now these heels are super comfortable.

I searched the web for the brand’s website but I couldn’t find it. Hope you’ll have more luck.

And what to say about the hat? Navy blue, like the coat and the boots, but in the typical French shape, that’s why it’s called “beret”, sounds French, doesn’t it? It’s made of wool, with bronze metal trinkets on the front. Very peculiar.

I want to thank the boy in the picture. He’s a friend of mine who agreed to come with me, as Micio could not. Thank you Pooool!

Docksmart Look N3 January 2017

Navy blue beret € 58,50 Scotch-soda

Woolen checked coat € 285  Soft rebels

Navy blue boots, real leather € 189 Chio


Shop: Docksmart.  Location: Milano, Via Toffetti 9

Link: Docksmart



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