Boutique Nadine, the cool fashion and vintage shop next to Lungarno, Florence.

 Hello Girls, we are back in Florence and this time we are in an exceptional place, one of the most magical in the city: the Lungarno.

Whoever is familiar with Florence knows how magical and charming can be strolling along the river that flows through this city, and it’s here that this shop/craft workshop is located: “Boutique Nadine”.

While walking along Lungarno Acciaiuoli, arrived at number 22R, it’s impossible not to be charmed the perfect shop windows of Boutique Nadine, full of vintage accessories, carefully selected by Irene, the owner.

A fashion lover and graduated, Irene owns Boutique Nadine, which is the full expression of herself and her taste.

Irene manages the boutique and designs, created and selects the fabrics for a line she sells in the shop. Her own linve “Odette” is produced in tailor workshops around Florence and the fabrics are recicled from those of famous brands.

 This allows her to always use top quality materials.

Irene’s creativity is perfectly expressed in “Odette”, which blends with the rest of the selection of brands, accessories, furniture and vintage items in shop.

 The highlight of the shop is the accurate selection of vintage items, bags, spectacles, lamps and 60s lingerie, a symbol of the Italian femininity of past times.

Boutique Nadine combines the past and the present and history, vintage and handicraft are part of the selection of present brands with a chic, vintage taste.

 Boutique Nadine is for women and girls who like refined, perfectly crafted, top quality products and for people who love buying objects with an historical value.

 Here are the looks chosen for you, hope you will like the world of Boutique Nadine!




Shop: Nadine Boutique

Location: Lungarno Acciuaiuoli n22R, Firenze

Link: Boutique Nadine

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