Aza Design store in Mirano, close to Venezia!

Good morning girls!

Let me introduce myself: I’m Silvia and I’ll be your Shop Shoppe in the north-east area of Italy.

Today we are in Mirano, a city near Venice, at AZA DESIGN, a creative lab by Matteo Lomoro.

Aza Design was originated by the idea of creating a place where research, creativity and craftsmanship meet.

Here you can find clothing for men and women, hand-made accessories and restored and customised antiques.

A place in constant evolution, a sort of lab-gallery that sells products like a shop.

 Everything you can see in the shop is on sale (even doors!)

A shop for anybody who wants to have unique pieces, unavailable anywhere else. These pieces are unique because they are 100% custom made.

The main brand is AZA (created by Matteo himself), but you can find also Levi’s, Xagon, F.k., Miss Miss, B.Unique and many more.

 Prices are affordable and they ship all over Italy!

Check the looks we chose for you!






Location: Calle Ghirardi, 17, Mirano (Venezia)

Link: Aza Design

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